Alma Mater

Dear old Dartmouth, give a rouse
For the college on the hill!
For the Lone Pine above her,
And the loyal ones who love her,
Give a rouse, give a rouse, with a will!
For the sons of old Dartmouth,
For the daughters of Dartmouth.
Though 'round the girdled earth they roam,
Her spell on them remains;
They have the still North in their hearts,
The hill-winds in their veins,
And the granite of New Hampshire
In their muscles and their brains.
And the granite of New Hampshire
In their muscles and their brains.
Dear old Dartmouth, set a watch
Lest the old traditions fail!
Stand as sister stands by brother!
Dare a deed for the old Mother!
Greet the world, from the hills, with a hail!
For the sons of old Dartmouth,
For the daughters of Dartmouth.
Around the world they keep for her
Their old undying faith;
They have the still North in their soul,
The hill-winds in their breath,
And the granite of New Hampshire
Is made part of them till death.
And the granite of New Hampshire
Is made part of them till death.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Life Abroad

The past two weeks have been amazing. Its crazy how close the people on your LSA become your family. I just returned back from an awesome two week vacation in Madrid, Toledo, and one of the Canary Islands (Fuerteventura). The vacation was needed, it doesn't hit you how overwhelming being in a foreign country is until you actually arrive. Its more overwhelming when your not fluent in the language everyone speaks...especially in Barcelona when the metro stops, street signs, even the menu in the local pizza shop is in Catalan (totally different than me). So taking a trip to the islands with my friends and basking in 70 degree weather in February was MORE than amazing and an experience few can compare to. I admit being off the coast of Africa and seeing the volcanic rocks, camels on the beaches (YES CAMELS), and British Elvis impersonators were a little intimidating..especially when I expected something more "Miami-ish". Nevertheless I had a GREAT time and I'm so much closer to my friends and my fellow family on the LSA. Cant wait for more memories...

Stay Warm in the States :)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Viva EspaƱa!!

photo creds to Elizabeth Evans <-- shes amazing
One of the main reasons I attended Dartmouth was so I could see the world...and now I am. Even though I'm an engineering major I have the time to go abroad and study spanish in SPAIN. So far I've been here for three weeks and I must say...I am in love. I think I'm even more in love because it is 55 degrees, beautiful, sunny and absolutely wonderful. I speak to my friends at Dartmouth often because due to the D plan most of my friends are on campus without me. The winter in Hanover so far has been horrible. Sometimes I wish I could be at Dartmouth to experience how "Feels Like : -41" actually feels like. However being nearly 80 degrees higher than that temperature doesn't bother me at all. Culture, History, love, food, siestas, CAVA...I love spain and I love dartmouth even more for allowing me to be in spain. Stories to come :)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Go Big Green!!

My classes this term are pretty intense. Blame that on my awesome advisor that recognizes my potential in engineering. Too bad he cant take these classes with me and motivate me during my midterms next week! This term has started out great so far, meeting so many new 14s and seeing my friends from last year is refreshing. Even though, the off terms are going to split all of my friends up this year Im still having so much fun while we're still together. What's even crazier is I wont see my roommates after this term until the summer! Well to some happier news the Dartmouth football team won their games against Bucknell and Sacred Heart GO BIG GREEN!!!

Welp, on to my Physics problem set :(
Come to Dartmouth!

P.S. Happy Birthday To My Roommate ANNA

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Just Call me Sophomore

This Year was AMAZING. I admit the year had its ups and downs, but looking back its great to see how much I have learned, grown, and changed. Its weird how much college changes you and how being an independent young person is so much cooler than you think. I have SO many new friends SO many (new) best friends and soooo many people to visit this summer. Everywhere I go and every country I visit whether it is Ethiopia or Thailand I have a friend. Dartmouth has definitely changed me for the better. This summer I'm working really hard to gain tons of spending money for my Barcelona Foreign Study Program (FSP) in the winter. So working, relaxing and helping my parents around the house is how I plan to spend my awesome summer home. I cant wait to go back in the fall :)

Go Big Green♥

P.S. Happy Father's Day!

Thursday, April 22, 2010


I have been SO swamped with work, I just finished the first round of midterms and i'm so glad they're over! But a lot of things have happened since I last posted. First I was accepted to both of the Spanish LSAs I applied to ( Spain and Mexico) and so I plan to Study Abroad to Barcelona next winter (with my awesome roommate)! Secondly, Dimensions is this week!!! Unfortunately, last year I was unable to attend Dimensions because I wasn't totally sure about Dartmouth and had a ton of college visits Dimensions weekend. Even though I decided on Dartmouth (because its awesome), to this day I wish I went. Missing Dimensions isn't a big deal, but its a GREAT way to see the real Dartmouth. There is a quirky, fun, and crazy side of Dartmouth that even the website or my blog cant show you. I'm so excited to meet new 14s! Seeing a couple of fresh new faces on campus is going to be fun. For all of those who are nervous..don't worry! Tons of Students and Faculty are here for YOU, and to help you get to know the school we love :). Lastly, I am in Dartmouth College Gospel Choir, look out for me Dimensions weekend when we sing for you guys!

Sidenote* this picture was taken in the Hopkins Center Drawing Studio :)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Break!

Spring Break has been amazing so far. Being in the quarter system means I have a longer break than the rest of my friends. In some ways the long break is good but in other times like now when all my friends are going back to school its not as fun. However, I have TONS of friends from Dartmouth that live in my area (if you can go to the Dartmouth meet ups for your area its a great way to meet new people) so going out and having fun isnt a problem. I also just found out that im going on the LSA to Cholula, Mexico next spring!! I am SO excited, my roommate is going to Italy the same term shes even more excited than me!:) The best thing about being home is all I have to do is walk downstairs in my home to get food, not hike all the way to foco! I miss my roommates/floormates though they're amazing. Well thats it, back to looking for Internships for this summer (wish me luck!). If you are watching the March Madness root for Ivy Leagues own Cornell!!

Saturday, March 6, 2010


I'm looking forward to this spring break especially because I get my response back from Off Campus Programs saying if I get to go to Mexico or Spain NEXT year. My friends back home are insanely jealous about the amount of study abroad opportunities available at Dartmouth. Truthfully the main reason I chose to attend Dartmouth is because of the study abroad opportunities the D plan unique from any other schools scheduling system makes it extremely easy to study abroad and receive the distributive you need. Over 50% of the student body studies abroad and if that doesn't mean anything to you click the link :)
Here is a first hand account from a Dartmouth'10 in Spain.
Here is another example of a Dartmouth'10 speaking with her homestay

Friday, March 5, 2010

Dartmouth Idol!

I'm sitting in the Practice Room with the Alto Ones in The Dartmouth Gospel Choir. If you dont know by now the Gospel Choir is AMAZING. Two years ago the Gospel Choir conductor Walt Cunningham started Dartmouth Idol as a great singing competition. So now in the Gospel Choir I get to sing backup for the awesome contestants in the Idol competition. So here I am waiting for my cue to go on. This is going to be awesome :)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

This Weather?!

Have you seen "The Day After Tomorrow"? The Science Fiction film about Dennis Quaid trying to save the world from global warming? Well I have, and the similarities between the movie and the natural disasters occurring in the world today is, well...creepy. Every week my mom calls and the asks "Honey hows the weather?". Surprisingly the -28 degrees the NorthFace Store guy in town predicted (while I was buying my jacket) was not correct. Unlike Maryland/Washington DC we didn't have a snow storm in good 'ol supposed to be freezing New Hampshire. Actually I haven't seen the ground covered in snow for longer than two days in about two weeks. My parents went crazy buying wool socks, boots, cute little scarf and hat sets for the Negative degree weather of Hanover. However two of my classmates arrived to class in shorts yesterday. So would I tell someone to worry about the weather at Dartmouth...not at all. I admit it does get cold but trust me the weather is not a problem, having no snow in New England while your friends in Texas have a snow day...Is indeed the problem lol :).

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Haiti Relief

Being in the gospel choir definitely has its perks. Recently we performed at the Compas Haiti Relief Mega Show. It was amazing! To sing for a great cause, raise awareness, and to raise money to donate for Haiti relief. Dartmouth is doing a great job raising awareness. There's even a student run organization "Students at Dartmouth for Haiti Relief" that raises money and want to help with the devastation. I recently donated money off of my dash to the Dartmouth-Partners in Health fundraisers, I cant wait to hear more about out relief efforts in Haiti.
Youtube video of the show : link